The Store, back when.

There has been a store at this location since 1823. At this time‚ James Cowan opened a general mercantile shop. He was also a school teacher and at one time the Town Justice. He sold his business in 1846 to Robert Murray. Mr. Murray‚ besides being a merchant‚ was a builder. Ownership then passed to Thomas E. Hastings who erected some new buildings in 1870. A feed store was operated behind the present store. The old foundation of this building can still be seen. In 1893‚ Andrew T. Doig took over the business and operated it until selling it to Cecil H. Russell in 1919. The store remained in the Russell family until their daughter Margorie Russell passed away.

For more history of the store and of Bovina, visit town historian Ray LaFever's excellent and comprehensive site here.

Russell’s Store today!

Upon her passing, Marjorie Russell gave Russell’s Store to the Bovina United Presbyterian Church, who in turn deeded the store to the Bovina Historical Society with the stipulation that it be maintained as a museum or a general store. Today the store is both, aiming to provide the community with a place to meet, greet, gab, crab, and snag a few essentials, confections and a taste of life in old Bovina Center, New York, U.S.A. 

Russells's is, among other things, a living tribute to 75 years of community service by the Russell family and those who served 100 years before. It is also the vibrant center of Bovina's charming community of recent residents and centuries-old families. Stop in, enjoy one of Bea's signature sandwiches while taking in the historical finds that line the shelves and counter tops -- all while loading up on local provisions for tonight's picnick  or tomorrow's dinner by the fire.